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Our Suit. Our Way.

Every detail, every stitch, every inch. It all matters. Our suits are built from scratch and are handmade on-site—and we take up to 60 measurements to get everything precisely right.


Between the Yards

Our appreciation and selection of cloths run deep. That’s why they’re sourced from some of England’s legendary cloth mills. We use all wool Super 100’s  and 130’s for a clean finish, soft touch and durable weave. We’ve also curated a selection of rare and vintage cloths from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, the product of various mills, some of which no longer exist. So if you’re looking for something truly unique, we’ll have it.


Blue Suit. Blue Magic.

We’ve created the blue suit at its best. Cut from a Super 130’s wool, this distinctive blue cloth is woven with a superior strength that contributes to the wear and drape of your custom suit. Its many shades of blue, varying from dark to light, create richness and depth. 


Inspired by greatness.

The Monument Avenue Suit was inspired by Richmond, Virginia’s historic boulevard, revered for its architecture and grandeur. Monument Avenue represents a Southern sensibility and a distinguished way of life. As impressive as its namesake, this suit is exemplary in both form and function, bringing the blue suit to new heights.



Our Shirt. Our fit.

Every suit needs a solid foundation—and there’s nothing quite like a custom shirt to get you off to a good start. Ours is well-tailored with room to move. Wear tucked or untucked thanks to its just-right length. Our signature is a square bottom with “V” side vents, but we also offer the classic curve. We finish with thick shell buttons and the collar, cuffs and placket are always reinforced. The cloth and color? That’s up to you.